Flat Ass (Walaiki Tiki)
Vital statistics
Position PuntaLord
Age 31
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 2Inches
Weight 8 (centigrams)
"Flat ass" or "Walaiki Tiki"  was a member of the ASSTek tribe. He was  best friends with Shaqeill o Neil.Flat Ass earned his name because of his Flat ass. It was so flat that you could snort Cocain off it like it was a table. He is a active member in the punta community. He sacrifices 13 people a day for all 13 of the Gods. Flat ass is also a light skinned Tribes man just like Wala but he refuses to accept that he is not black.                                                                                                        


Childhood.  1830-1845  B.W (Before Wajed)Edit

As a kid Walaiki Tiki's ass used to run arround butt ass naked. He had a plum ass of an ass that was sculpted by the gods. Everykid apart of the AssTek tribe grew jelous of Walaiki Tiki for their tribe takes great pride in a damn fine ass. One day Wala and Generic tribe's man #1 went out into the woods. To Wala's surprise it was a gang banging. Wala was held down by his former friend while a bunch of 8 year olds started to pound his ass. They tore his ass up but it still retained it's shape. In frustration they called out Sir. AssBane,  a man whom is a killer of ass. He grabbed the sobbing Wala and wispered into his ear "Lube aint ganna snube the cube tube" then he proceeded to destroy Wala's ass. When the pounding was over Wala was on the brink of death, and his ass was destroyed. It had became ass Flat as a board. From that day on Wala decided that he would get strong at fighting and exact his revenge. 

Departure. 1850-1853   A.W (After Wajed)Edit

Ever since wala's betrayal he has been tormented by the tribe, they no longer considered him one of their own for he had No ass at all. He locked himself away for years until the discovery of Wajed Noori. Wajed Noori spoke to Flat Ass, he told him that it was time for him to get his revenge. After years of agony and torment Wala had made a decision, he would leave the Asstek's and head out to find a new home. He got his flint and steel and Burned his village down, He hunted each and everyone of the members of the rape. He killed them all exept for Assbane. He tied him down and then proceeded to ram a tree up of assbanes Ass. He destroyed Assbanes intestines. After he had his day of reckoning he left for the mountains. For Years Wala lived off of the land until he came across a strange man.

Formation of Sub Tribe. 1853 A.WEdit

He met a man named Shaq and they quickly became friends. Shaq taught him how to play basketball and Wala showed him how to make pancakes off of his ass. Wala asked Shaq if he could join the Ungawangas but Shaq told him "No white man allowed" Wala was confused he didn't ask if a white man could join he asked if he could. Shaq decided that the least he could do was create a sub tribe with wala. Wala agreed and they journeyed back to East.

The War of the Four Kingdoms. 1853-1860 A.WEdit

The trek back home was hard enough but the it had became nearly impossible with the war. The soldiers of the east hunted down anyone  that wasn't apart of a kingdom for they could get recruited by the enemey. Wala and Shaq would have to hide in bushes or create undergrown corn farms under the enemies base to survive. Along the way they often punta'd a lot of soldiers which pleased the Faggot that is wajed.

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