Vital statistics
Position 3Rd Leader.
Age 68
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 2Inches
Weight 8 CG
Joob Joob was one of the three original "dark skinned" people to make the UngaWanga tribe. He was the 1st person to marry in the tribe and also the first one to "get dat salty pussy" as the tribe members say. He bangity banged many of the members into existence and was the 1st one to know how to talk to their gods. He taught the other members how to talk to them as well and became The witch doctor. He never trusted the idea of Shaquil O'neil going to Voltaria because he foresaw the coming disease. His wifu was sacrificed to the Punta God of swag, gayness and lord of the dance Wajed Noori. He was the 2nd person to accept Walaiki Ka lal and even forgave Snoopleader McWanka. His trustingness got him murdered unfortunately.


The early daysEdit

As a boy Joob Joob lived with his friends Shaq and SnoopLeader. When he was a boy everyone hated him because he spent all his spare time shovin flowers up his ass. Snoop told him he was destined for greatness. One day he planted a seed in his anus and heard a whiney voice. It said "Yo gayboy puttin flowas in yo ass, keep up the good work. Erebody gonna get tipsy reall soon SHAMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON" The next day everyone got assrot except Joob Joob. Overnight the seed grew into a flower patch. The flowers were what cured the disease. He then bent his bony ass over in the center of his village and everyone rubbed asses with him and got cured. When the krazykkookie incident occured all the honkies took over the village and Shaq Joob Joob and SnoopLeader were left. SnoopLeader then made the UngaWangas and made him the witch doctor. His methods include picking seeds shoving them up his ass and sticking his boom boom stick up there to make the flowers grow. The only disease he never cured was krayweedosisitis.


When he met his wifu she had assrot as well. However When they rubbed ass his little boom boom stick got really hard and accidently touched her salty pussy. They bangity banged and made seven babies. Then he planted his seed in her and 7 more were made. One day SHaq came to him with a little white boy and Joob Joob yelled at him. He said the white boy would never fit in. The white boy was named Walaiki Ka Lal. When Wala did the XIII trials Joob Joob finally accepted him.

Joob Joob's deathEdit

When Joob Joob's wifu was dead he went insane in the membrane. He began to forgive SnoopLeader and tried to convince his friends it wasnt SnoopLeader. At that time SnoopLeader Set his house on fire and Shaq and Wala escaped. Joob Joob was too crazy to escape and didn't.


Walaiki Ka lal: He has finally accepted him, but he didn't accept of him when he was just known as "that white demon child"

Shaqiel O'neil: Is his best friend. He grew up with him but does not approve of his choices in life.

(taking Wala into the tribe/ Going to Voltaria.)

SnoopLeader McWanka: He grew up with him and saw him as a friend. He even was his friend after SnoopLEader killed his wife.

His wifu: Loves her so much he made 14 babies with dat salty pussy

Zinga Dingy: Knows very little about him. He wants to know what secrets he hides.

Jurb: Hates the fuck out of that little green asshole puppet.

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