The UngaWanga Tribe.Edit

The UngaWanga tribe is an ancient civilization which resides in the region of Voltaria.The Ungawanga's are well known for the extreme measures that they go to punish traitors/Demons. More specifically they will bite the traitors "peeweaners" off. They sacrifice demons to their gods aswell by doing the act of "poontah" which cannot be described by words.

Ancient Gods.Edit

The Ungawanga's worship many ancient gods and sacrifice many demons/Traitors at their sacred alter of the gods.One well known god of the ungawanga's is Wajed Noori XIII he is the god of Gayness and is highly worshiped by the UngaWanga's.

Wajed Noori the Ancient god of gayness

The Sacred Alter.Edit

The Sacred Alter is a holy place for the UngaWanga's and is used for many things such as praying and sacrifice's.

The sacred alter was build over an anchient burial ground and can be considered haunted by many, but is in fact graced by Wajed Noori himself.


The UngaWanga Tribe is populated by many Dark skinned people who dress in ragged cloth or vines and leaves. They know nothing about the technological advancements in the world and  rely on their gods for miracles. All tho they are Populated by dark skinned people they have one Light skinned boy in their tribe. They took in the boy after finding him abandoned in the dangerous forest.

Outside RelationsEdit

Shaquil Oneil was the first member of the Unga Wanga to leave the village. He went to the city of Voltaria and learned how to play basketball from the white guys. He came back and taught the "dark skinned" members how to play. However he brought back a terrible disease called krazyweedosisitis. The tribe leader SnoopLeader McWanka was inflicted with the virus. He began to smoke weed every day and sacrifice villagers to Punta god Wajed Noori, lord of the dance. He sacrificed the tribes witch Dr, Joob Joob, wife to the god. He later went insane and murdered the doctor by burning his house down. The demon child Walaiki Ka lal later killed him for being a bitch ass. At the time Shaquil Oneil went to the white man city and brought back white man professor Higgins. Higgins recognized the demon child and told him he would find his parents in the city. Together Shaq and Walaiki Ka Lal went to the land of white man Jack. He is currently schooling the pasty honkies in the art of basketball.


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