Walaiki Ka lal
Vital statistics
Position New Member
Age 12
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 2Inches
Weight 8 (centigrams)
Wala is the only known light skinned member of the UngaWanga Tribe. Wala is also a demon child who was taken into the tribe after Shaquil O'niel found him in the woods abandoned, although the tribe members don't agree with this decision they don't do anything to Punish him either.


Early ChildhoodEdit

Wala was left abandoned in the deep forest were the ungawangas reside, and was taken in by Shaqeil O'niel who is the Second in command of the ungawanga's. Wala was always looked down upon by the other tribesmen because of him being like skinned and being a Demon child, Shaquil O'neil was the only person to haev accepted him. He and Shaq had a "niggabond". The tribe leader was always a bitch ass to him and made him do all the work. Shaquil invited the youngen into his home but was never banished . In hopes that Wala would die SnoopLeader McWanka made him fight dangerous monsters.. Shaq being the badass he was taught him how to fight and protected him.

The XIII TrialsEdit

The tribe finally came to a somewhat acceptance of Wala but still doesn't consider him as one of the tribe. At the age of 11 he was ordered to start the XIII trails with shaq, by recieving his first orders he was now officially a part of the tibe. He was given the holy tribe clothes which signify that he is now an official member. Shaq and Wala set out to do the trials and were given orders to kill certain animals, first being a wild bunny second being a woolie, etc. the trials got harder as they progressed and eventually they got to the final trial were they would have to slay a dragon. Their attempts were a fail and they failed the last test. Wala and shaq returned to the Village and decided to take a break.


Shakiel O'Niel

Pre Leader Death.Edit

After the fail of the last trial, wala decided he needed a perminent residance in the village, he gathered wood and other materials for a couple of months before he had enough ressources, to create his new home. For weeks Wala worked on his house untill it was finished, the home consists of 3 floors, 2 bedrooms and 1 kitchen. The home is modeled after a mushroom. (Wala and shaq both share the home.) The home also has a dark damp basement that has a lot of cardboard boxes. Soon after the creation of the house Shaq was ordered to go to voltaria to do some deeds for the tribe leader and ended up just learning how to play basketball. Alone wala continued his training without Shaq so he could keep himself safe. Shaq returned sometime later and teached all the members how to play basketball but didnt realize that he had brought back a deadly virus that he passed onto the tribe leader, SnoopLeader McWanka which caused him to smoke weed everyday, and sacrifice villagers to the Punta God wajed noori, One of the villagers being the which doctor joob joobs wife and later on murdered joob joob by burning his house down to destroy all evidance that it was him. Wala knew this truth and decided to take matters onto his own hands and killed him.

Post Leader Death.Edit

After the death of The leader, shaq returned from voltaria with a white man professor Higgins. Higgins quickly  recognized the demon child and told him he would find his parents in the city. Together Shaq and Walaiki Ka Lal went to the land of white man Jack. They traveled for months past the deep forest and eventually made it to the Voltaria Boarder which would lead them Into Voltaria (city) were Wala could look for his parents.


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