Vital statistics
Position 2nd Level Member
Age 30
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
ZingaDingie is one of the dark skinned members of the UngaWanga Tribe who is known for his love of “Rockets”. He is known to be a very mysterious man for no one knows anything else about him. ZingaDingie was summoned by Wajed Noori after the UngaWangas prayed for “Space man”. After the summoning ZingaDingie flew down from the heavens above with his rocket attached to his back. Because he was Dark Skinned everyone instantly accepted him without question.


Pre-Tribe LifeEdit

In ZingaDingie's pre Tribe life he was known as “Zinger Von Dingingston III” a new and upcoming scientist whom was obsessed with space and was learning all he could to create a rocket ship that could take him and his fellow “humans” to space. Even at an early age he was fond of the thought of other planets with other life forms and was ready to devote his life to getting to space. ZingaDingie was also married at a young age and and him and his waifu moved to volteria where he would continue on with his research.


One day While zingaDingie was working on a rocket after the modifications he proceeded to  strap  it onto his back. at that moment he was magically teleported to the Sacred Alter by the Punta God “Wajed Noori”. When he was teleported he had almost all of his memory erased except for his impeccable knowledge for rockets. His clothes were changed to a basic tribe outfit. The only thing that came with him to his “new life” was his rocket.

Post Tribe LifeEdit

ZingaDingie adapted quickly to his new enviorment and because of his lost of memories he felt as if he was an ungawanga his whole life.Zinga Dingie also carries around a sockpuppet and has named it JURB, Because of him becoming insane he now has multiple Personality disorder.ZingaDingie is a well known member of the ungawanga tribe, although everyone refers to him as the mysterious one because of his mysterious disappearances In the day to a secret hideout where he works on his rocket. And when he is seen he fly's down from above with his rocket and starts to attack his fellow dew cracks. Everyone else in the tribe also thinks of him as a Crazy man because all he talks about is rockets and space all day and night. ZingaDingie accepted wala without question because of his lack of understanding to anything other then Rockets.

Post Leader DeathEdit

ZingaDingie was briefly seen taking something from SnoopLeaders dead body before flying away. He hasn't been seen since.


Jurb is Zingadingie's Sockpuppet that he carries around everywhere he goes.Because of his Multiple Personality Disorder he has an alternate persona which is "JURB". Jurb is essentially his old self whom is angry at being stripped away from his life and being imprissioned in this new world away from his family.Jurb does posses some of their past Memories althrough they are not pefect. An example of this is that "IT" remembers Volteria although they have never been there since he was summoned.

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